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Duntech is an Australian based research, development and advanced technology manufacturer of audiophile quality loudspeaker products that has captured an international reputation in the field of "high end" audio that is matched by few competitors.

Based on an innovative application of radar antenna and waveguide principles, Duntech has developed a range of products whose flagship, the Sovereign, is still described by many audiophiles as the best loudspeaker in the world.

The company's products are distinguishable by a level of documented performance which clearly shows them to be technologically more advanced and audibly superior to their rivals. Very favourable reviews of DUNTECH loudspeakers in popular overseas magazines written by reputable and highly respected editors and reviewers attest to the accuracy of these claims. Innovative design, outstanding patented features, and very high quality construction justify their image of excellence and perfection.

The company markets its products internationally through carefully selected distributors, each having his own network of high end dealers. Exports from Australia account for approximately 80% of turnover.

This profile sets out information of general interest relating to Duntech, the company and the technology inherent within all DUNTECH loudspeakers.

The Management of Duntech Audio sincerely believe that the company's products are without peer in the world today, and provide a combination of performance, good looks and retail price points which offers complete satisfaction to the customer.

Please enjoy this visit to our web site and if you have any suggestions concerning the format and content let us know by sending an e-mail to info@duntech.com.au