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In order to achieve truly accurate loudspeakers we need to know the actual performance of loudspeakers being designed to help us refine the designs and make sure that the speaker is as close to perfect as possible in every way. To do this we have an impressive array of test equipment in our facility, including computer based data acquisition systems. Sophisticated signal processing software, signal generators, oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers which enable us to measure all the characteristics which go into making a great loudspeaker.

We go beyond the most commonly measured parameters such as the magnitude and phase response of the speakers. We measure the behaviour of the systems in time as well. We determine the time alignment and step response of the speakers within an accuracy of 5 microseconds. Also, unlike most manufacturers, we measure the distortion levels and inherent colourations from both drivers and cabinets. By knowing what these are we can minimise them.

Once we have designed a loudspeaker to deliver superbly accurate soundwave reproduction we ensure that all production loudspeakers have to pass a battery of tests so that each and every pair is as good as the design reference speakers. It is for this reason that we do not have to use the special word "Reference" as many other manufacturers do; every DUNTECH loudspeaker is capable of reference level performance.