John Bamford reviews the Marquis in Hi-Fi Choice (UK) - December 1988

"Effortless control and astonishing SPLs are its forte. Absorbing material on the front baffle reduces diffraction distortion - you've seen this in other speakers, but Duntech owns the patent.

"The 5ft high Marquis...does sound like an extraordinarily transparent and accurate monitoring speaker. If your system is good enough and you're looking for superb control and high resolution they are nigh-on unbeatable."

Greg Burrowman reviews the Marquis in Australian Hi-Fi - May 1993

"The flowing rhythm is exact, and the tone Tortelier extracts from his cello is truly beautiful.

"The combination of the music, the playing and the speakers had me listening over and over and over - and surely, that is the true definition of musical enjoyment.

"I never had a moment's doubt as to the exact location of a musician, no matter what kind of music I tried.

"The transfer from bass through midrange is seamless both in its tonality and in its image."