A Gem of a Speaker

Duntech Australia has just released a new loudspeaker - The Opal - part of a new line-up called the Gemstone range. The Opal is a two-way, three-driver design in which the drivers are arranged in a symmetrical fashion along a vertical axis. Duntech says that by using optimally placed acoustic absorbing material around the tweeter, any unwanted reflections of the sound from the front of the loudspeaker are removed. Duntech has loaded the upper driver by means of a sealed enclosure, and the remaining bass/mid driver is loaded by a reflex design. The two 165mm driver units have a vented double magnet system, damped polymer composite cone and rubber surrounds, and the tweeter has a 25 mm diameter according to Duntech. The enclosures in the Opal are constructed from 18 mm thick MDF - which Duntech says was chosen for its special damping qualities - and then finished in hand rubbed Australian Jarrah or Queensland Walnut veneer. The cabinets are computer optimised, internally braced and rigidly constructed to control unwanted cabinet resonances. The designer of the Opal, Simon Wilde, is extremely optimistic about this new model of loudspeaker. "The Opals do better than any other speaker I've auditioned at this price point." Wilde says. "Their ability to resolve low detail, spatial and ambient information and especially texture in the upper and lower bass is outstanding." Designed for amplifiers from 30 watts upwards, the Opals come with a five year warranty, and are priced at $2,500.