20th August - 1997

A gem, and it's home-grown

AUSSIE firm Duntech seems to have a natural ability to make magic.

Years ago it sent a consignment of locally made speakers to the US, where Bert Whyte, then editor of Audio magazine, picked up on their quality sound and construction.

Duntech made it into the big time with this one review, and credit must go to the Australian speaker builder. It paved the way for other Australian audio-visual products in the headiest market.

The newest model for Duntech designer Simon Wilde is the Opal. And the sparkling performance ensures it lives up to its name. Play anything from Bach to the Hot Chilli Peppers through the tweeter and two bass/mid-range drivers of each Opal and the response is an effortless sound full of subliminal detail.

That goes for either DVD or laser-disc movies with quality sound tracks. Fed with either source, the Opals revelled in finding each nuance and let you hear it without that in-your-face presentation typical of most detail-retrieving equipment.

For more information: Duntech phone
(08) 8288-1822