PCL 25

Patrick Vercher reviews the PCL25 in La Nouvelle Revue Du Son (France) - November 1994

"The PCL25 is distinguished by a very quick bass which is forceful and worthy of use in a monitor capacity and rich harmonic structure. It does not produce any frequency doubling, intermodulation distortion, everything is neat, precise and without plastic driver coloration or boxy effects.

"The PCL25 is a high performance electrodynamic loudspeaker system created from rigorous studios and creates a solid, stable stereo image. A level of sound comparable to reality."

Wes Philips reviews the PCL25 in Stereophile - August 1994

"If you think of listening to music as a physical experience, and value the excitement that a commanding physical presence imparts to it, then you must listen to the Duntech PCL25 - it has authority, but not at the expense of timbral accuracy of soundstaging."

Greg Borrowman reviews the PCL25 in Australian Hi-Fi - July 1994

"...the bass that is present is rich, authoritative and always musical.

"While they disdain the cheap trick of artificially extended bass and forward treble that tend to win over novices in the showroom, my first week with Duntech's PCL25s was more than sufficient to reveal their overall integrity, neutrality and transparency."