Review of the Sovereign in Hi-Fi Review (Hong Kong) - 1987

"The Sovereign is the first loudspeaker we have measured and heard which is truly faultless. It is a loudspeaker without peer."

Von Hans Gunther Beer reviews the Sovereign in Audio - August 1987

"The Super Loudspeaker that has shocked the competition. It deserves a top position in our limited Reference-Class and, with an overall rating of 93, beating our previous reference loudspeaker, the BM 40, by a full point. With its near perfect impulse response, it is an ideal loudspeaker for the serious audiophile who wants and can afford the best."

Bert Whyte reviews the Sovereign in Audio (USA) - November 1986

"It is obvious that this is a most extraordinary loudspeaker that deserves recognition as a landmark design...if you can afford them, I believe you are incontestably getting the best."

Review on the Sovereign in Electronics Australia - January 93

"What most audiophiles regard as the best loudspeaker system in the world; the almost legendary Duntech Sovereign.

"I have not heard any loudspeaker system which could out-perform the Sovereigns in terms of spatial localisation..this is as close as you will get to a live recording at home.

"Without hearing them, you will never appreciate just how outstanding these speakers are...sounds that are about as true-to-life as you could hope or want to achieve in a residential situation."

Harry Pearson reviews the Sovereign in The Absolute Sound - September/October 1991

"What it does have, aside from an unusually life-like ability to deploy an orchestra across the expanse of your living room, is the most uncanny ability to suggest...the sound of real bass instruments playing individually or en masse and doing so with the kind of authority you will find chilling..."