Adam Ayan Room - Gateway Mastering, Maine, USA
Randy LeRoy at the controls - Tonal Park Studio, Maryland, USA
Focus Mastering Nebraska, USA
Private Listening Room, Thailand


Duntech loudspeakers are designed by perfectionist for the discerning audiophile. Our mission is to meet both the technical and musical needs of music lovers of all tastes, through the pursuit of excellence in the design and manufacture of our latest design offerings. We have not included any features in our new designs for the sake of marketing.

We believe the ability to accurately reproduce live voices and musical instruments are the key to recreating the live performance. Our designs embody a balance between theory and practice, objective measurement and subjective listening

The design criteria for the new team at Duntech is to maintain the "Duntech Design Prime Directives" laid down by our founder the late Mr. John Dunlavy.

For those that are not familiar with the Duntech's "Prime Directives", a brief introduction would be appropriate here. All classic Duntech's design must possess all of these attributes.

  • Sealed Box design to maintain the very best musical transient possible.
  • Accurate Time and symmetrical alignment for all driver units. This means equal path lengths for all drivers from the listening distance of 3.3 meters.
  • Very flat amplitude response and phase response within the audible frequency range from listening distance of 3.3 meters.
  • Wide horizontal dispersion with a smooth off axis response is a feature of all Duntech's designs.

Duntech loudspeakers have been acclaimed by many highly respected and widely read international audiophile magazines, naming Duntech as the "most accurate loudspeaker in the world".

We do not take this lightly.

Hearing is believing.


Duntech Audio's founder was John Dunlavy. The original venture, Audio Standards began in Texas, USA. It eventually became Duntech Audio and later on Duntech International.

John Dunlavy's early history had often been shrouded in secrecy and that was the case for many years (in fact until the end of the cold war).John Dunlavy speciality was wave propagation and radar. Duntech's claim to fame, besides our benchmark sounding loudspeaker, the "Sovereign PCL 2001", was John's association with the first man moon landing. The first words sent back to earth from the moon was done through an antenna design developed by our founder John Dunlavy. Besides the involvement with the first moon landing, Duntech also pioneered "VLF"(very low frequencies) communications. This enabled the US submarines to communicate with submarines of her allies, without the enemies listening in. But John Dunlavy was also an audiophile, he had concepts of how loudspeakers need to be designed. This special pre-requites later became known as Duntech's design "Prime Directives".

John had since passed away but his legacy remains. He had passed on the "Prime Directives" to the new team to continue the work he started so many years ago.