DSM - 15

Designing the latest DSM-15 is no different from our approach to designing all our earlier Duntech loudspeakers.

With the greatest attention to detail, our design team meticulously considered all aspects of the design process. We believe that the speakers have to look as good as they sound. Hence driver selection, cabinet and crossover design was allocated to specialists in their field.

Applying all our collective knowledge, the result is the stunning new DSM-15.

Built entirely from custom made birch plywood and solid American walnut, the speakers are visually stunning. The sound is breathtakingly accurate.

Quality control begins with the choice of components. Only the best are used. All parts are individually tested and matched in pairs, for both left and right speakers. We allow a tolerance of only 2% and we can say that both crossovers are virtually identical.

All loudspeakers undergo an extensive testing procedure until both left and right loudspeakers are precisely matched as a stereo pair.

Finally every loudspeaker is played back for several hours to allow the driver surround and spider to come closer to compliance. Each speaker is then re-measured to give it the 100% approval for packing and delivery.

We are confident that the DSM-15 will serve you faithfully for many years and hopefully your only reason for change would be to welcome another member of the Duntech family.

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Frequency Response
Measured at 3.5M (11.5ft)
on the tweeter axis
55Hz-35KHz (±1.5dB)
(-3dB @ 42Hz)
Efficiency 89dB SPL @ 1 watt (2.83V at 1 meter)
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Power Rating
Peak power for 10 µS
500 watts
Recommended Amplifier Power
Minimum RMS per channel
60 watts
Pulse Coherency Factor
Propagation time error at
3.5M (11.5 ft) on the tweeter axis
Less than
Crossover First-order
Enclosure Type Rear-vented

1 x 150mm (5")
1 x 25mm (1")
Input Terminals Pure Copper, Gold/Silver plated.
Accepts banana or spade connections.
Bi-Wiring No
Finish American Walnut.
Stand Dedicated stand with granite foot (sand fillable).
Size (including stand)

Weight (packed)

25kg (pair)
25kg (each)